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Jet Fuel OG, also known as G6, was first created by 303 Seeds as a compelling cross between multiple standouts from the Diesel family. The focused and upbeat high of Jet Fuel OG may contradict its’ heavy indica-like gas aroma, making it a truly unique hybrid like none other.

BUD SIZE Medium – Large
LINEAGE Aspen OG x High County Diesel
EFFECTS Energetic, Happy, Uplifted & Relaxed
PHENOTYPE Sativa-dominant Hybrid
TERPENE PROFILE Gas, Diesel, Pine & Citrus
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Jet Fuel OG

Buy Jet Fuel OG Strain Online is A strong gassy and pungent diesel strain that is perfect for those days when you need to de-stress and relax, Jet Fuel OG is an ideal sativa leaning hybrid that will have you feeling content and at ease when you want and need it! This phenotype is bred by professional breeders at Pluto Craft Cannabis, and the strain is created by crossing Aspen OG with High Country Diesel. Delivering a delectably satisfying cerebral uplift and the utmost relaxation, Jet Fuel OG is sure to please both recreational and medicinal users of cannabis, offering the best of both sativa and indica effects. It also goes by a variety of other names, such as G6, Jet Fuel G6, Jet Fuel Kush, or G6 Kush, so be sure to keep an eye out for these other titles when you’re in search of this amazing sativa hybrid! Once you get your hands on this, be ready to jet pack into bliss!

Effects Buy Jet Fuel OG Strain Online

Contrary to the implications of its name, this sativa won’t have you blasting off with a high right away. Jet Fuel OG can take a few moments to settle in before you notice its effects, though it’s definitely worth the wait. You’ll first notice a rush of energy and euphoria, which can make it great for a wake and bake to start off the day, or a great midday strain if you’re needing a little boost to get you through the day. It can be stimulating and offers a surge of creativity as well, so is ideal for brainstorming ideas and art projects, or for social gatherings as you feel more talkative as thoughts jump to and fro. This cerebral uplift is followed by a peaceful body relaxation which can help mitigate pains, migraines and headaches, and the strain offers such without being sedating or tiring. The sweet balance of energizing yet relaxing effects both mentally and physically make Jet Fuel OG perfect for daytime usage, easing symptoms of fatigue, stress, depression, mood swings and bodily pains to help you get through any day!

THC Content of Jet Fuel OG Strain Online

Jet Fuel OG is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with 70% sativa to 30% indica. Its THC levels range between 17% to 20% potency, along with 1% CBD, which helps the strain cater to medical users as CBD has been shown to further help relieve bodily pains and reduce depression, stress and anxiety. Jet Fuel OG is the child of Aspen OG and High Country Diesel, the first of which is a child of the famous San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG), while the latter is a child of the legendary Diesel and OG Kush strains. In comparison, its parent Aspen OG is also a sativa dominant hybrid with a ratio of 60% sativa to 40% indica, while High Country Diesel is an indica hybrid with 70% indica to 30% sativa and a modest THC potency of 13% to 17% on average, as well as 1% CBD.

Appearance & Aroma of Jet Fuel OG Strain

The nugs of buy Jet Fuel OG are round though lumpy and fluffy in shape. In colour, they are an olive green shade with undertones of an earthy, moss-like brown-green. Its hair-like pistils are a deep amber orange, and sometimes can be maroon. Its crystal trichomes are also of an amber hue, and when cured right, can be highly resinous and thus sticky. Fans of more pungent strains will particularly enjoy the aromatic and flavour profile of Jet Fuel OG. Its aromas are predominantly skunky and diesel like (no surprise there!), with additional complementary notes of pine and wood. Despite its strong diesel nature, the strain has a nicely smooth smoke and when exhaled, the piney, diesel flavours even taste sweet!

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