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Lemon OG Kush for sale | Buy Lemon OG Kush online. Buy Lemon OG Kush Online. Lemon OG Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with a 60:40 indica to sativa ratio.

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Lemon OG Kush: A High That Will Have You Tripping

There’s nothing subtle about the high from Lemon OG Kush feminized cannabis strain. A 60% Indica hybrid with THC levels up to 24%, the effects from Lemon OG Kush seeds will take you on a wild ride. The high comes on fast and hard, with users initially feeling euphoric and a little trippy. Afterward, however, the Indica side kicks in, and you’ll be feeling sedated and will probably fall into a deep sleep. As a result, this is a great choice for those who have problems related to insomnia.

Flavors And Aromas: Lemon, Lemon, And More Lemon

Lemon OG Kush strain doesn’t get its name for no reason. This is quite possibly the lemoniest cannabis seed you will ever find, and certainly the lemoniest OG strain. The aromas are very strong, so indoor grows will definitely require good ventilation. While both flavors and aromas are predominantly lemon, you’ll also notice some undertones of spice, earth, and diesel thanks to its Skunk genetics.

Lemon OG Kush: A Moderate Harvest That’s Easy To Grow

Lemon OG Kush feminized marijuana seeds grow into compact plants, making them great for planting in balconies and small spaces that are properly ventilated. While the yields are not massive, they’re respectable given the plant’s small size, and this variety is generally forgiving of novice mistakes.

Plants can reach heights of up to 120-130cm (47-51”) outdoors or indoors.
This strain has an average flowering time of 8-9 weeks.
Outdoors, plants are ready to harvest in mid-October.
Yields average 400g (14oz) per plant.
This variety is highly resistant to mold and pests, and will thrive in most environments.
Genetics That Are All About That Lemon
This feminized cannabis strain is a cross between Lemon Skunk and OG #18. Lemon Skunk is, obviously, where Lemon OG Kush gets its highly pungent and very citrusy aroma. However, it owes a lot of its effects to OG #18, which has imparted on this strain its initial head high and fast-acting nature.

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