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Genetics of the SS-2 Strain-Buy SS-2 By HI-TECH Online
The Genetics of SS-2 by Hi-Tech is the cross of Sunset Sherbert, Gelato 41, and Zkittles. Keep in mind Runtz is a cross between Gelato and Zkittlez

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Hi-Tech Premium Cannabis Flower. Nitrogen Sealed All Natural Lab Tested Cultivated In Los Angeles SS-2 Exotic Covered in hues of purple, orange, and green. Sticky yet dense nugs beautifully covered in rich temps giving it a sweet sherbet nose.
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Genetics of the SS-2 Strain

Buy SS-2 By HI-TECH Online The Genetics of SS-2 by Hi-Tech is the cross of Sunset Sherbert, Gelato 41, and Zkittles. Keep in mind Runtz is a cross between Gelato and Zkittlez. 


 The flowers appear white from a distance, but only because they have a layer of tiny white hairs and perfectly formed resinous trichome crystals. When looking closer at them, I found the buds have many dark purples and deep green hues to them, with just the right amount of orange hairs. 


 The nose of this strain is heavenly. A mix of tropical and sweet cherry notes topped with delicate candy notes. The nose of this strain was very pronounced, and what I look for in a nose.

The Inhale & The Exhale

 On the inhale, you see more of the Sherbert with funky, fruity notes, leaning towards sweet cherries citrus lemons. In contrast, the exhale has a sweet candy profile, as we see the Gelato and Zkittlez make more of an appearance.

The Smoking Experience

 Hi-Tech sets themselves apart with a slow cure and 14-day flush. They are creating one of the more exotic flavor profiles on the market today. Furthermore, these flowers are some of the cleanest smooth smoking flowers on the market

The High Of Buy SS-2 By HI-TECH Online

 I am really enjoying the high of this strain. Even more so, I am finding it clean, clear-headed, and uplifting, yet still packing a sedative punch. This strain would be great for paddle boarding, skating, or fishing. From a medicinal perspective, this strain would also be good to stimulate appetite and fight depression. 

So was SS-2 worth the money, and would I repurchase it?

 Yes and Yes. SS-2 was some of the best tasting, smoothest smoking weed I have tried all year. I was taken back after the first hit; it tasted so bomb and burned so clean. I was in love with the first toke.

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