Orangeade (AAAA)


Orange Crush is known for its dank earthy scent and citrus flavor. This Sativa-dominant strain that was devised by the minds at BC Growers Association produces a powerfully soaring cerebral high that wraps the mind in a blanket of euphoria. For experienced users, the effects are generally described as positive, uplifting energy that spurs creativity.

Orangeade Strain

Love oranges? Well then, you surely found the right strain for you.  Buy Orangeade strain online Now with home delivery. It is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid, this tangy, citrus based strain was created by crossing two extremely delicious and mouthwatering strains, i.e. the Purple Punch and Tangie strains.

But don’t just buy this strain for its delicious taste and aroma. Orangeade also has powerful mood boosting and uplifting effects, which make the strain perfect for medicinal users looking to combat anxiety disorders and depression.

 THC Content

Not only does the Orangeade strain inherit a delicious terpene profile from its profile, but also gets some highly potent genetics. Containing 60% sativa content, the hybrid leans only slightly towards the sativa side, but also contains powerful cerebral effects. This, combined with moderate THC levels of around 15% – 18% makes Orangeade a good choice for a daytime smoke.

But while the strain does seem mild enough, you still need to be cautious while using it. If smoked in higher quantities, it can quite easily cause negative side effects like paranoia and anxiety. However, if you are careful with your dosage, the Orangeade strain can help ease such things as anxiety, stress, feelings of depression and fatigue.

Orangeade Strain Effects

With mild potency levels and a great flavor, the Orangeade strain is an extremely enjoyable one. In fact, in most cases, users are so immersed in its taste and smell that they don’t even notice the high setting in.

The initial high can take a while to build up, but still tends to hit the user with some force. It begins with a powerful, cerebral rush, filling the user’s mind with a sense of happiness and calm and pushing out all negative and stressful thoughts. Within a few minutes, the users might just start experiencing enhanced sensory input, as the sights and sounds around them become much more clearer, allowing for increased focus and creativity.

The body high is virtually non-existent, though Orangeade does fill you up with an energetic buzz and a can do attitude. Often, this is also accompanied by a strong case of the munchies, so be sure to keep some snacks at hand.


At the same time, the Orangeade strain is also quite beautiful to look at. Its small, rounded nugs have a lime green color and beautifully accented by a number of thick, bright orange hairs. Lastly, a fine dusting of amber-white colored trichome crystals is also present, giving the strain a frosty look.


As mentioned earlier, the Orangeade strain is nothing less of a dream come true for many orange lovers. The aroma simply bursts out the moment you open the packaging. Bound to fill your room up with a tangerine goodness.

Additional flavors of citrus, grape and berries. Join the mix once the buds are burned, and a delightful smoke. It is quite easy to inhale and exhale is also released.

Where to buy Orangeade Strain USA?

Particularly because of its delightful taste and mild but enjoyable effects. The Orangeade Strain has quickly become one of the most famous strains in USA. Quite commonly found in many online dispensaries.

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