Wonder Woman Strain


A potent blend of mostly Sativa genetics, this strain began with the often picked White Widow chosen as the mother. The father is the product of crossing a landrace Thai, Haze and Skunk #1 hybrid mother with one of his own pure Skunk #1 males.

Wonder Woman Strain

Just like the warrior princess from Themyscira after whom the strain is named, the Wonder Woman strain is just as wonderful. An extremely potent hybrid created from mostly sativa based genetics, Wonder Woman was created by crossing White Widow with another, unknown sativa Thai landrace. The resulting strain is nothing less than a superhero.

Though do keep in mind that there also is another Wonder Woman out there, though we’re not talking about the famous justice league member. Instead, this strain was bred by Nirvana seeds by crossing Top 44 and Ice.

Both strains are best known in the market for their energy boosting properties, and can help users boost their productivity and concentration levels. With extremely high THC levels and an extremely sweet and delicious aroma, the Wonder Woman strain is all that a sativa lover could ever hope for. Let’s take a deeper look at the strain’s properties.

Wonder Woman THC Content

Since it was created using sativa dominant strains, it really is no surprise that the Wonder Woman strain is also up to 60% sativa based. The THC levels are also quite high – constantly testing out around 20%. These high THC levels are also the reason behind the strain’s powerful and stoney effects.

This is also why the Wonder Woman strain is not one for the inexperienced user. Instead, it should only be used by regular users and medicinal users. The strain is a great cure for stress, insomnia, fatigue, pain, anxiety and nausea as well.

Wonder Woman Effects

The Wonder Woman strain’s fame is perhaps mostly due to its extremely powerful and useful effects. The strain is well known to fill its users up with a surge of energy and motivation, which encourages them to take on particularly difficult tasks and challenges. At the same time, a pleasant, euphoric buzz can also be felt radiating all over the body, numbing the pain and relaxing the body.

But what people love most about the Wonder Woman strain is that it can also act like an aphrodisiac. This means that it can really work up your sex drive. So why not keep the strain aside for a romantic date and fully utilize it.

Wonder Woman Appearance

Appearance wise, the Wonder Woman strain is quite beautiful. It has large, balloon shaped nugs which are covered in a heavy layer of glistening, golden white trichome crystals. These crystals do more than just give the strain a shiny and sticky surface, and are responsible for most of Wonder Woman’s potency.

The strain is also quite a difficult one to grow. Even though the plant only reaches a maximum height of three feet, it needs up to 10 weeks to fully grow and produce enough yield for users to enjoy.

Wonder Woman aroma

Similarly, the Wonder Woman strain also has a unique and powerful aroma which can be smelt from even a distance. As soon as you take the buds out of the packaging, a strikingly sweet and floral aroma will fill up your room. Experienced users might be able to identify notes of berries, though it is quickly overtaken by heavy, pungent, gas-like notes when you start grinding the nugs.

Where can you buy the Wonder Woman in USA?

Just like the superhero it is named after, the Wonder Woman strain is famous all over the world, and is also readily available in many USA dispensaries. However, the fact does remain that this is not an easy strain to grow or take care of, and has certain handling and storing requirements, which unfortunately not all dispensaries are capable of providing.

As a result, you should only purchase Wonder Woman and other such high quality strains from the best dispensaries in USA. At Cali Plug Exotics, we have the strictest quality control standards, and all of our products are handled and stored with the type of care they each require. Simply go through some of our reviews and see for yourself why we are the best dispensary in USA.


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